CNC machines for Aluminum

Vertical CNC machining for aluminum panels

Fast and precise, like all Alfatec machines, the specific CNCs for aluminum – with three, four and five controlled axes, configured with a bakelite work surface – are designed and adequately equipped for working panels of aluminium, composite aluminum and brass. Their extreme versatility allows them to be adapted, with simplicity, also for the processing of other materials.

The vertical layout allows easier loading by the operator, with greater comfort and productivity of the operators and a considerable saving of space compared to horizontal machines.

Working ranges (mm)

3500 x 1600 – 2000

5000 x 1600 – 2000

6000 x 1600 – 2000

The work areas are divided into 6/8/10 vacuum zones, activated automatically by the software, according to the dimensions of the panels being processed.